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New Partner Applications


Hey Guys - It’s John from Ezoic here. Our machine learning system for publishers acts just like a proxy (like a CDN) and we are one of only a handful of companies in the world to be in the GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner Program). We have French & German desks up and running from London and our HQ is in Carlsbad, CA, USA.
We’re also a Certified Partner with Cloudflare.
We’d like to partner up with OVH ! How do we go about doing that?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
John Cole


Hello John,

Dont know what you are using Cloudfare for, guess DN, well you wont come out of the US LAW about using cloudfare or google nor EU which US pressured to do the same. You can do as we do apply to the high courts in Germany and UK to be excluded. So far we are the only one who is allowed to run our own dns. We have clients who do not want google or cloudfare where NSA has direct feed into. It is a reason for these laws and it was alot of debate about privacy. The US was tired of dragging to court everytime of suspicion, now they dont have to. Us they would not dare drag to court cause what their own clients would made public.

When it come to OVH i think it is the best company in EUROPE, US well everywhere. QUICK respond, big compny, soilid economy but still very flexble and incredible service.

It is wel worth it!

Good luck John!