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No longer have access to 2 factor for kimsufi dashboard


I used to have a kimsufi server a long time ago, I recently signed up for a new one using my existing account. when I went to log into the management console, it asked for a 2fa code (I dont recall setting this up but probably did) but I no longer have the phone I would have had back then and cannot find the backup keys.

the interface gives no way to recover aside from the backup keys, which i no longer have. so am unable to use the server I have paid for.

I sent a request to kimsufi, but have not heard back. is there any way to remove the 2fa or at least assign the new server to a new account?


its been over a week and still no response. I have called tech support in Aus and UK, still no response.


over 2 weeks now. this is unacceptable. still not even an confirmation email that the support ticket is received. I think i will be filing a chargeback on monday.