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Order blocked for 4 days (identity proof)


I ordered a VPS on the 19th but my order got blocked for KYC check.
I sent the required documents but I still have no reply nor ETA.
I asked OVH Support on Twitter but wasn’t successful.
Have anyone experienced the same problems? Any idea of their timeline to check an identity document?


Hello @Francois-XavierA,

Which Twitter account did you contact?



I contacted AlexL and had an answer on Monday (April 25) informing me that it would take 72hours.
( OVH Support France on Twitter).



Thank you for your feedback,
I can only invite you to be patient, be sure that a return will be made as soon as possible.



Hi FabL,

Ok noted.
But I just received a message from the support saying that the ticket will be closed in 4 days because I haven’t sent additional information…