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Order for dedicated server is being processed for more than 34 days


Our company is an OVH customer for many years so far and we never faced any issues in the past. On 11th May 2021, we ordered a bare metal server that was supposed to be delivered within 10 days. The payment was cleared and the order was validated by OVH. Since then, the order is in the “being processed” stage and we have no updates from OVH support regarding this matter although we have submitted numerous tickets. OVH is not treating us as they are supposed to, given that we are OVH customers for many years maintaining numerous servers in their international Data Centers. It is very frustrating to have paid for an no order which has not been delivered in time and never hear back from the merchant. There is no option to cancel the order and get a refund and also OVH support seems to never replies to any tickets anymore. We have lost a project due to this situation and OVH seems to accept no liability for any misrepresentations of their products and services. Please be aware of this in case you are considering to become an OVH customer.