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OVH Cloud - FreeBSD is utterly broken and running an EOL version (10.1)


Hey guys just to let you know, the FreeBSD images for the public cloud are utterly broken, basically OVH has shoved in binaries from a different version of freebsd and not upgraded correctly, meaning both ports and pkg’s will not work.

The fix for this is to buildworld for 10.1 and then installing that, afterwards sync the sources for 11.4 and build/install that make sure to follow all normal upgrade steps, mergemaster etc…

Then you could continue with 11.4 or upgrade to 12.1 (which is the current release)


You can test this by creating a sandbox FreeBSD box and yes well … trying to install anything :slight_smile:

Note to OVH: If you are unsure how to actually get a correctly built freebsd image, drop me a message I would happily put one together for you


anyone here ?


Hey there, it is usually better to simply ask a question :slight_smile:


As it turns out you can actually get out of this little problem with freebsd-update -r 12.1-RELEASE upgrade … however build world will fail without creating a fake swap using mdconfig -a -t vnode (2G does it) - this is for the smallest sandbox

As for fixing package you can fix it by force installing pkg from the freebsd 10.1 package repository and forcing it to re-initilize, though that obviously does not get rid of the problem the entire OS is effectively EOL for 10.1


Nice to know someone is watching the FreeBSD builds, have you checked Ubuntu 20.04 yet?