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OVH domain name, changing the DNS server to godaddy hosting not working


I have a hosting at godaddy, where I store some small websites.

I also purchased few domains at OVH. When I tried to change the DNS from original OVH to GoDaddy’s, it was supposed to take up to 48 hours, but it’s been three days now and the alert says ‘Inactive; Updating’, and when clicking on the details, the message says:

"Your domain does have DNS servers but they are not responding:

nsxx.domaincontrol . com nsxx.domaincontrol . com"

(those are godaddy servers).

When checking with zonemaster website, I’m getting these errors:

Nameserver nsxx.domaincontrol . com/2603:5:21b1::12 did not return NS records. RCODE was REFUSED.”

Any idea what could be the problem?

Just a a side note, I have also another domain bought from OVH hosted on GoDaddy, and with the very same settings it works perfectly, so I’m a little lost. Any help greatly appreciated