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OVH Firewall for Proxmox


I have Proxmox. I have added IPs for VMS, and I have a couple of VMs running, but I am a complete noob at firewalls.
My question:
What is the recommended OVH firewall configuration for Proxmox?
How do we deal with port ranges when configuring a firewall?
The background:
I want to configure the OVH firewall for my Proxmox server.
I think I need to make rules to allow the following ports:
TCP ports: 22, 80, 85, 111, 3128, 5900:5999, 8006
UDP ports: 5404:5405
I do not know how to create a single rule that deals with a range of ports.
I found this post from 2017: The author suggests rules but states, "I’m not even sure about the above rules. :("
Thanks in advance for your help.