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OVH Loyalty program?


Could somebody explain something about OVH Loyalty program ( and provide more details about it?

Early I found “My Loyalty control panel” in admin panel, but on that page i can see only “You do not have a loyalty account”.

What i should do to enable or create it?
At this moment we spent about 25K euro per year with 15 dedicated servers.

Thanks a lot for any helps.
Regards, Dmytro

PS from support team i only got:
“For loyalty points this is related to points credited to your account
following orders, compatible with certain services (I do not have the list of
compatible services for loyalty points).”



From support team:
“For loyalty points, as much for me for the lack of precision, after internal
checks this is no longer applicable and the loyalty program is no longer
offered.” 10/09/2018 14:49


I just paied 7 USD to buy a domain with loyalty points
I have no clue what is that and how many points do I have
I just hope that the domain will not be lost :frowning:
I think I found out, you pay with OVH money and somehow you have to pay them back
I went to the menu
and add 10 USD = 1000 points
There is no points balance
This is crazy!
Hope it works