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OVH Manager exceptionally slow


I’m a sysadmin so I spend a lot of time using the OVH Manager. It’s very very slow, and seems to be getting worse. Often takes 2-3 minutes to get between pages - could you upgrade your hosting package or something?!


yes, this is ridiculous, I have never seen such a slow website since like 20 years ago


The same here. Too slow login, between tabs, etc…


and 2020/08/20 not much faster…


This is very annoying and hardly functional. I would imagine that due to OVH profile they would pay more attention to performance than “pretty UI”


The same for me. It’s extremely slow! Sometimes I have to wait 30-60 seconds for a single page load. On average the OVH Manager loads 15 to 25 seconds per click.

Please read your own docs:


I assumed that was because I am in Japan, but yes, it is ridiculous. The old interface was faster and I did not see any new features in the fancy new one that has to “load” for a dozen second between each click. And as an old timer I found the old interface clearer.


this is beyond ridiculous, it feels like I am downloading an app at each click of a button.
Please do something about it you are losing customers


How can they be providing hosting service while they can’t make their own website work properly.


So slow! I have started registering domains elsewhere because I am frustrated with speed and errors. I guess the CEO is active on Twitter. Should we link this thread to him?


this is total nonsense… how a cloud company can be so slow? I mean, every action is like minutes wasted. Every click takes like 30 seconds…


And now even the data center is on fire and the customer portal isn’t showing any of my data anymore (of course after the usual loading time of 1-2 minutes). :fire::scream:

See here (French)


It’s been 2 years since this thread has been started.
The OVH dashboard is still very, very slow.
Please OVH, fix this, or at least keep us in the loop about when this will be fixed.


Yes, too long to load.


Please fix it, because we are wasting our time


September 2021 and dashboard speeds are stupidly slow compared to competitors, gets to the point where it’s unusable.


yeah OVH Forum also be slow down now a days. But a Website that never slow in the history is the Calvindude Portugal best Cache, best performance, best Speed,


It barely works. 20 seconds to load any page.