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OVH on UCE Blacklist




OVH is still completely on the UCE blacklist with its AS number, other OVH customers are already complaining:

OVH should be getting involved here, shouldn’t it? Why is OVH not actively combating SPAM? Rather, you can see that spam is apparently being sent en masse via the OVH server. As a person, I suffer from it now because the entire AS number is blocked by OVH, for my part I take care of clean e-mails, but I suffer from the fact that OVH does not control or have other systems under control, but that cannot be possible.

Other providers, i.e. your competition, can manage that too. Example Hetzner, this hoster also has 2.5 million IP addresses and is “observed” by the UCE blacklist, but is nowhere near as high for AS blocking as OVH.


OVH SPAM Score UCE: 90%
Hetzner SPAM Score UCE: 25%

It would be nice if OVH could comment on this at once. If there is no improvement, I will be forced to terminate all of my products at OVH and host my servers elsewhere. I cannot represent that customers cannot deliver e-mails because OVH cannot get their SPAM problem under control. And to communicate that serious blacklists should be queried and IPv6 should be used is probably no solution! Especially not if the other side doesn’t even offer IPv6! Likewise, I cannot tell the other side (although they are usually not in direct contact with me) but please do not use UCE as a blacklist, that can’t really be the OVH solution!

If OVH continues this way and is satisfied with such answers in support, one should not be surprised when customers drop out or cancel products. Even small customers have a voice, but it doesn’t seem to be heard at OVH, which is pretty sad even if you’ve been an OVH customer for years. But if it is the intention of OHV to “scare off” small customers then you shouldn’t be surprised if big customers don’t even turn to OVH!

With this in mind, I ask you once again to address the problem, or to take it really seriously and to escalate it at the appropriate point!

Others hosters amazon, hetzner etc. are not blocked pay some money (only 500 €) for de-listing and do something OVH do nothing why???


same issue here, 3 mails servers impacted this is a big problems.
many customers complaining and there is nothing we can do.
Please, make a move quickly OVH