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PHP compatibility issue between two different subdomains


I have two installations in two different directories, on a shared hosting space. One is Drupal-based and one is your standard WordPress blog. The first one is quite old, and only runs on PHP 5.3 (I wasn’t able to update it further than Drupal 6.38 without losing contents).

This wouldn’t be an issue, if it didn’t prevent me to run WP (version 6.0) on a PHP version newer than 7.3 (like 8.1), because in that case the other website would fail to load (error: Not Implemented - GET not supported for current URL).

The only way the two can coexist is apparently having PHP 7.3 as a global setting, and 5.3 for the Drupal subdomain. If I try to set a .ohvconfig file with PHP 7. 6 or newer in the WP directory, WP goes down.

Is there something I can do to have both of my websites to run on the newest PHP version they can manage?


Hello @AlessandroB1,

I invite you to remove the ovhconfig file from the root and to create one in each directory with the desired version for testing.



Hi @FabL
Thanks for answering :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve already tried that (alongside with several other combinations), but it doesn’t work. WordPress returns a Not Implemented error if I move the .ovhconfig file from the root, independently of the PHP version that I set.

P.S. I’ve failed to say that the WP blog address coincides with the domain name, while Drupal is in a subdomain (I don’t think that’s the issue though, because I’ve installed another WP website as a subdomain and it behaves identically to the first one).