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Plesk License Change


Hey! So i didn’t realise that plesk licenses come with different perks, and with what i’m doing plesk admin edition wont work. But i can’t upgrade my license… Where should i go to change that?


in Plesk go to Tools & Settings > License Management > Plesk License Key and click Retrieve Keys to update the license. There is no need to reinstall Plesk. Upgrade options for Plesk Partners: Plesk Partner licenses can be upgraded in Key Administrator or Partner Central.


It just says “License Key (key) is up-to-date.”. But when i try and upgrade the license through ovh control panel i get an error. And if i try and delete it i get an error.
I’ve contacted support about a week ago and all they’ve said is

i contacted our accountants and we can cancel commitment on your VPS server ad you will be able to purchase new server with new license.
To do so please send us in reply new server name that you bought and we will cancel commitment on vps-(MY vps).
So i said
So, do i get a refund for this service, if you’re cancelling it / Cause we want to keep the vps. Just change the plesk license.

And i’ve heard nothing back.