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Plesk webhost error [socket] (support takes to long i moved on)


dear community,

I’m struggling for some 3 months now with this socket error I’m getting
I changed from web host to Plesk web host because I got told that will solve the problem.
and it did not.
so whats going on I have a Minecraft server running with a query check and checking the query from another website the info is showing like players online what plugins used etc.
but on web hosting from OVH I do not get the info, even though if I keep pressing connect it will show once in a while, I tried to disable different PHP options without any luck.
so I seek some serious help from the community how I can solve this or just to know I cannot.
here’s a video of the issue

please help


Hello @HOST,

Thanks for contacting us.

Do you have our Plesk Reseller Hosting or a VPS with Plesk installed?

Please reply to @Ollie or send me a DM.



thanks for your reply!

I have the Plesk Reseller I heard that it is working on VPS with Plesk
but have other say it should work with Plesk Reseller to
and I mean that it is reading a query from a server, not website.


Hello @HOST,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m afraid I am unable to open your video.
Please can you re-upload the video to and DM me the link?



@Ollie cannot upload There, i get this error
Oops ! (403)
Unable to create upload from untrusted source IP address. Please login or use a cli token.
I logged in and tells me untrusted source IP :unamused:
I have uploaded it to a different source.

if it does not work go to the source itself, I also have issues playing video’s here

its just weird because i used to have a different webhost before i changed to OVH
because i heard good things about it, but the web-host i had before was roughly 12,- a month
and i have had no issues to have it working there, now i pay 30,-+ for OVH web-host and come across issues…if u see the video it does work sometimes and i have changed and checked each php setting but i cannot get it to work, the cms web costed me a fortune so i hope this can be easy fixed.





Apologies for the delay.

I am glad to hear this has now been resolved @HOST.

If anyone else experiences this error it is because outbound connections are firewalled on our Plesk Reseller service. In order to have these ports opened, please open a Support Ticket.