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Possibility to migrate from to for non-residence



Maybe sombody now, is it possible to migrate/switch/transfer account from to for non-residence?
Could you provide step-by-step instruction?

Thanks a lot for the help.
Regards, Dmytro


From support team:
“Regarding the change of inter-subsidiary account, it is not possible to
transfer these services from one subsidiary to another.” 10/09/2018 14:49


More detailed answer:"You cannot change the owner of a department between different subsidiaries,
each subsidiary has its own internal management.
What you can do, as my colleague has told you, is to provide
information as a technical contact, a contact with an Irish account.

If you want help with the Ireland support you can create an OVH account with
the Ireland flag and modify the technical contact to the serveur
nsXXXXXXX with the new ireland account."