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Problem with changing primary domain



It’s been a few months since it happend and it is still unresolved. I have ordered a domain, payed for it and it’s visible in my panel. A few months later, I ordered hosting (personal) which had a default domain and it was a main domain as well. In “General information” about my bought domain there is also my bought hosting in “Associated hosting plans” . When I go to this hosting settings and try to change primarydomain to my ordered domain (instead of its default domain), I get an error.

When I click “Change main domain” the window appears with domains to choose (I can choose my ordered domain) and it’s “Step 1 of 3”. When I click “Next” - there is suddenly “Step 3 of 3” for a few seconds (without “2 of 3”), the window dissapears and then the error in red frame is show above the panel: “An error has occurred when updating your hosting plan. (Internal server error)”.


I have no idea what does it mean, it looks like unexpected error. It looks like everything else is well configured (if it wasn’t, there would be more specified error message, right?) Did sombody have similar problem? Thank You for Your help.