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Problem with moving a failover IP block from a server in SBG2


One of the servers I’m managing was in SBG2. I’m trying to move a failover IP block away from this server.
I have a VPS in GRA, but it doesn’t show up as a viable option to move the block.
So I’ve tried at least park the block (move to IP parking). It should take just few minutes, but I’m waiting for about an hour and the block still hasn’t moved. When I try to move it again I only get an error, that the move operation is in progress.
Maybe the system is stuck in trying to “talk” to something in SBG and it doesn’t get any answer? Failover IP should allow for a quick switch to a server in a different DC in cases like this.


Same problem here. FO ips can not be moved away from SBG2 …
So whats the point of having FO = FailOver ips …



In my case also moving failover from RBX to SBG1 is also not working even though I can see info that IP will be available in new server in few minutes. It’s seems like something is not accepting/relasing failover IP’s from it’s current loaction. Have You made ticket for this?


They’ve moved to a IP parking after few solid hours. I’ve not been able to move the IP block to a VPS server in GRA while I’ve been waiting for installation of a new server in RBX, but after the server has been activated, I’ve been able to finally move the IP block on this new server.


I have made i ticket for it, just before the response, the IPs where moved. Just for record here -it may help someone else also- the response was to use the the api :{ip}/move#POST