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Problems buying a new domain .es



I recently have bought a domain (.es), but the process has never ended.
The error is the following:

Please complete your nic ADMIN : The administrative, technical and billing contacts for a .ES domain must to be a “particular” with name, surname and ID Card number

Support has answered two times that we have to enter the name and ID Card number of a particular. I have done it twice, but the error persist.

Any idea to solve this problem?



I have the same issue, I will try to contact OVH support but it seems that it won’t be an easy answer :frowning:


Yo estoy igual… ¿Alguna solución?


Another one here! - Otro más por aquí


I’m facing the same problem.
@CDMB, was there a solution for this?


I hope it will be resolve soon in this forum.


Problem solved for me this way:

  • Open your domain manager
  • You should see the error message
  • Click on the three dots at the right of this message
  • Enter your information: First name, Last name, ID card number
  • Confirm

A few minutes later you should receive a confirmation bill