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PTTs are missing


I use OVH REST API in order to send SMS.

My app is able to recover the sms histories for clients. But it seems that ptts are missing (I don’t know since when).

When I get the history this way:

  • I ask all the outgoing ids for a tag (/sms/{serviceName}/users/{login}/outgoing)
  • for each ids, I get the outgoing (/sms/{serviceName}/users/{login}/outgoing/{id})
  • I get the ptt id in the outgoing:

____sms.Outgoing: {
________description: “Sms history of sms outgoing sent”
________properties: {
____________ptt: {
________________fullType: “long”
________________type: “long”
________________readOnly: true
________________canBeNull: false

  • I ask the ptt for this id (/sms/ptts)

But the id for every outgoing is 0 and then the ptt I get is always:
duration: temporary
description: undefined
comment: not defined

Is there a new way to get the PTT?