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Purchased a dedicated server - Awaiting Validation on a Saturday


I’ve been using an SP-32 server since Christmas with my PayPal and decided to change to a MC-64-OC server. So this morning I purchased an MC-64-OC server using the same PayPal that you have been taking money from for 4 or 5 months and it tells me that the payment needs to be validated.

It is now 12 hours later and this still has not happened.

Quite frankly I think it’s pretty terrible that you do not have a weekend customer service at all, nor people working to verify these payments over the weekend.

I work during the week and only have an opportunity on the weekend to spend time on these things. It looks like I’ll have to wait until Monday to use the server, and by that point I’ll be working again, thanks.

I will stay around and use this server, but it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I am tempted to complain for false advertising that you say my server will be available in 120 seconds as it is 43200 seconds later and I’m still waiting.

You should make it right, OVH, if not for me, at least for others.


I just set up an account and ordered a small VPS to kick the tyres and see if OVH is suitable for my soon to launch SaaS business. This is also stuck in validation, which I could half forgive if it’s a one off manual process for a new customer.

Now seeing your message that this could seemingly affect any new purchase on a weekend is sending me right back to Digital Ocean.


Hello @AustinB and @SeanH,

May I apologise for the delay in the delivery of your order.
When ordering a product, all orders are subject to a fraud check.
From time to time an order may be flagged for validation by our automated system for our customer security team.
This is to protect you as the customer and ensure all orders made are legitimately done so by yourself. Our validation team work Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM. When an order is pending manual validation, the payment has not yet been taken from your bank - instead it has only been authorised/is pending. Once an order has been processed it is only then that the time period will start.
If you would like to DM me your order number I will be able to expedite this for you.



@Ollie I have now the same situation. What shouldI do? The clock is ticking and I can’t access my products…


No-one is answering . I went to a different company who answered in seconds - I’d encourage you to claim your money back. I think this might be a scam


I would also recommend you check out a different hosting company. The support at OVH simply does not exist. I have ordered two servers from them in the last 3 months, neither were stuck on validation - they just took forever to get them working and simply ignored both my tickets and my forum posts.
I switched to Hetzner &, who both provided a much better customer service environment than OVH but there are tons of other hosting options out there.


Yeah I am in the same boat as above and now have to wait till Monday to cancel and demand a refund… got fobbed off mid week with some weak ass and feeble excuse and still no dedi server after parting with over £100 I would expect at the very least to be able to speak to a customer service rep at the weekend. How retarded not having weekend support, if I had known this was a thing I would not of even ordered. If I had known how this company treats customers with literally no reply to any tickets the whole function might as well not even be there! Honestly don’t buy any thing from these scammers you don’t get what you pay for and I shall be reporting to trading standards for false advertising.


learn to wait and have some patience ovh is literally the best provider you we’ll ever use or see price and hardware wise and I’m not even mentioning the network so be thankful for this low prices and wait you can always call the customer support tickets take time and thats how it is when you are dealing with big companies like ovh so stop whining


Can I get my server now? Yesterday I paid 900 kr for a dedicated game server, and I haven’t got it yet. I’m pretty much dissatisfied with that, because I chose a server that was to be delivered after 120 seconds


I WANT MY SERVICE I HAVE PAID FOR! I AM VERY MAD RIGHT NOW @Ollie please give me my server or give me my money back


I am also facing same issue No-one is answering . I went to a different company who answered in seconds - I’d encourage you to claim your money back. I think this might be a scam, If you know any solution please let me know.



The only way to solve it is by calling the OVH contact numbers, ignore all the previous answers (They are hidden Spam) very careful

Since skype they do not charge you fees, here I leave it below

OVH Customer Service
Toll free


Did anyone get a response after calling the Toll Free number?