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Purchased Dedicated Server (RISE)


I currently have a dedicated server running ESXi 6.7 on it. I’ve managed to access the Web Interface and now I have installed a VM from an OVA file. This OVA file is a virtual firewall that I am hosting for one of my customers. Now, the server itself has one (1) IP address. I have just purchased an additional IP address which is telling me it is a failover IP address.

In order to configure the firewall, it has to know what the IP address is, subnet mast and default gateway. If I use the new IP address, how can I find out what the default gateway is?


Hi @AdamJ1

The default gateway for each IP range or each IP address ends in x.x.x.254, once you correctly configure the Virtual Mac and the gateway with the IP ending in .254, your virtual machines will be able to connect to the internet properly

I hope I’ve helped

Carlos Frias SysAdmin