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Question about ns and custom domain


Hello everyone,
Im a bit confused with some tech question using my VPs in OVH
So, i have sometime using a VPS, for exmaple: and it have the ip 193.xx.x.xx

I got my custom domain,, that is registered on another registrant, "" uses glue records: ip 193.xx.x.xx and the ipv6 from my vps

Then, in my i got installed my cpanel, i access through my whm and check my dns zone manager.

If i set inside the dashboard of ovh, in my vps as a seconday dns then i cannot enter in to my whm

Inside my whm, in dns manager, i have: 86400 NS 14400 A (where it comes this up?)

And: 86400 NS 14400 A
-> my ip in!

and_ 86400 NS 14400 A

So, in my dns manager i have to delete and