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Question on Block Storage Snapshots utility



I’m going to automate a daily snapshot of all my volumes. Some of them are attached to an instance and some others not.

When you do a manual snapshot of a volume that is attached to an instance, a warning popups saying that it is better to detatch the volume before to avoid integrity data loss.

My question is, Can I develop a script to automate the snapshots of all my volumes without worring about “breking” the volume itself? Besides the warning regarding the integrity of the data, is there any other thing I should concern about?




Did you automate a daily snapshots of all your volumes ?
I’m exactly in the same position as you, I’m looking for the best solution without losing data or crashing softwares installed on my instance. If you have found information or you have advice, I’ll be glad to read it!

I have a database on one of my block storage. I don’t know if it’s better to use cinder or snapshot volume? How to unmount the volume before making a snapshot without breaking my system ? Is it possible to create a new Block Storage, copy all the data to this new volume (cp -R) with a mysqldump and make a snapshot of it ?



Hi @Los & @ENDEOSS

For this, a bash script must be programmed that makes it more flexible to perform these functions in an automated way. As far as I understand it is the responsibility of the users to customize these things

Or locate one already made on the internet that fits the profile of what they want to connect them with their OVH Back Storage

If you want I can based on the complexity of what you need to do, quote the service

Anything, they tell me

Carlos Frias


An answer to block storage backup can be found here: Automatic Block storage backup - how?