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Really need some help with VPS


Hello. I am running a server on a different host, which is, PebbleHost. I see that you guys have affordable VPS here. I know how to host on separate nodes. But I do not know how to set it up if I buy a VPS for my server. I currently have 4 servers. Proxy, Hub, creative server, and a survival server. I am planning to put another server into it too.

Are you guys able to guide me on how to setup a VPS for 4 of my servers? Proxy and Hub are 1gb each. Creative is 4gb and Survival is 5gb. I would like to know which plan suits me better?

Also, if I were to get a VPS, do I need to get a VPS for each of my servers? Or I can setup multiple on a single VPS? Sorry, I’m actually really new to this.