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Recurring VPS Network failures, even after fresh Install


So I have been having network failures, after some VPS Uptime, Can’t ssh, ping it or anything really.

I created a cronjob on said VPS that prints out the outputs of Ping, status of sshd, and systemd-networkd
I also tried disabling the firewall…
And it clearly shows that Pings are not working after the failures.
Rebooting temporarily fixes the issue… until it happens again.
I am running Debian 11, and even after doing a fresh reinstall the problem persists.

At this point, I am out of ideas…


Hello @JalalM

I invite you to consult the following guides to see if any of them could be useful to you.

Don’t hesitate to create a request for assistance, checks can be made.



Hi i have the same problem.
And had it before. (On my other older vps the problems dont apear) The network of vps stops working. At first i thought it was my misconfiguration or some package conflics, so i just wrote simple iptable rules for firewall and i had scripts to periodically send message to me via telegram. After 2 days the server stopped responding and no more messages were sent. I dont see anything in particular in logs.
How i can fix the network issues?


Problem was happening on Debian, I switched to Ubuntu and it worked for me @MateuszD3