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Redirect SPAM -> to spam folder



I have tens of email on my OVH account and I have always wanted to get solution for this problem.

On the email filters I can choose to remove all emails that are marked as SPAM, but how I can redirect those emails to SPAM folder? Currently I’m getting tens of SPAM messages to my inbox daily and its so frustrating to remove those every day. And it’s too risky to just delete those SPAM messages, because my main language is Finnish and this antispam filter is not perfect for my language.


This is still relevant to me. I’m also from Finland too. Only two days of not checking my mail i had 40+ SPAM mails in my inbox. My spam filters are set to the highest settings on the control panel.


Me too and I bet we’re not alone. I just sent a support request on this, if I get a useful answer I’ll post it here.