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Regret coming to this website


Is there anything I regret in my life is coming to this website.
There is no support. If you write ticket usually takes 1-2 weeks to answer. Answer is just useless.

After one year i cancelled my service but they still bill me. I contacted them…no luck. No answer.
My suggestion ….guys stay away from this website.


By the amount of uncontrolled spam / phishing eminating from OVH hosted servers, I’m unable to imagine why any decent person or enterprise would want to use their services.
I spend an inordinate amout of time reporting through SpamCop and OVH’s own reporting portal.
110 SpamCop reports and 29 OVH Abuse reports later, the scourge remains.

So the bottom line is, if you send legit emails from a server in an OVH IP range, it’ll probably get diverted into the circular file at the end of the desk.

BTW, I’m not event an OVH customer, just joined here in sheer amazement…
Time to get on the phone and make it worth while for some one to take ownership of their own creation, here goes…


I’ve opened a PayPal chargeback for my money - spoke to someone this morning and promised my issue would resolved. Nothing since. I think this is all a scam. Would encourage everyone to do the same


Well, there’s still a handful of tools you can use to show the world that your server is sending legit email, such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC. For domains there’s things like proper certificates and DANE (which you also should use for mailing).

And your own individual IP… if it’s getting reported you should take a look why it does. If it is not being reported, fine.

You may want to look into the above as providers such as google tighten their trust in random mail servers out on the internet, it’s quite beneficial if you secure your domain. I for myself never faced any issues with an OVH DNS even back in the days when I only used SPF.