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Removal of 'Bitvise' from my VPS


Unfortunatly my remote desktop on my Windows 2019 server VPS was hacked and although I have regained access I found it had been used as a hacking tool.

The server has Bitvise installed, which I have disabled, but I want to remove it completely, but it’s not a simple matter of removing it through control panel as it’s not listed.

I found it running as a service and stopped it, and I also found an empty folder under programmes and deleted that, but I need to completely remove the programme.

Can anyone advise please?


If it’s still in ‘Services’ check the properties of the service, that will give you the ‘path to executable’ check if the application is actually there.
Stop & disable the service, open properties and copy the ‘Service name’ open a command prompt as administrator and type "sc delete " then paste the copied service name, hit return and service deleted.
Then delete the install location given in properties initially, do a full malware scan to make sure there isn’t anything lurking that will simply pull the app back in again.


Fab, many thanks - that’s sorted it!