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RISE-1 ESXi 7 SATA write very low performance



I have a RISE-1 server since a week, fresh ESXi 7 installation from the OVH panel. I have noticed that SATA write speed is very low when doing a cp from inside the esxi ssh console.

I have used esx tool to verify that SMART is ok. Dmesg is also ok, no disk errores.

However when using esxtop I notice that SATA read speed is over 100MB/s, which is ok, but SATA write speed is between 20 to 30MB/s, which is pretty low, about 1/3 of the speed one would expect as a minimun for a SATA device.

I have strong suspect of that this has to do with some vm controller driver or configuration more than a hw problem, as I said SMART is ok and dmesg is not showing any SATA retry or error message.

I am using the OVH ESXi default config, which uses a theorically native SATA driver.

Does anyone noticed this and was able to solve?