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Rocky Linux instead of centos stream


Hi, with the recent change to centos linux becoming a test distribution for rhel, will OVH include the new centos alternative “Rocky Linux” as a choice ?


I just asked the support for this. Here is the answer (2021-12-09):

To date, the template is not available on the dedicated server range but only on VPS and PCI products. Unfortunately, our services do not have any information regarding the reasons for its unavailability.

Be aware that it is possible to install the image of your choice via the BringYourOwnImage function:

And also the ISO of your choice from IPMI:

Note that the email regarding EOL is only on PCI and VPS products.

If you’re having trouble setting up your service, you can find help from our community if needed

Our partners are also available if you want to outsource your server

I found a QCOW2 image in Rocky Linux downloads /pub/rocky/8.4/images but I did not try to install a dedicated server with this method.

I bet OVH will soon (?) provide such image, they cannot keep an EOL CentOS 8 OS with no more security patchs.