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Site-To-Site VPN on OVH


Hello. I want to have a Dedicated Application Server (Running Windows 2016) and have multiple remote offices connect to it using a Site-To-Site VPN. I see this was possible before, see here:

But if you check the service you will see this error:
{ “message”: “For now, we suspended the order of old beta VPN service. We are going to provide a next generation infra which will provide far better stability and performance. You can still contact us via mailing list See you soon.” }

So my question, is how can you create a site-to-site VPN now? My thinking was a VRack with a Linux Server running OpenVPN and put it on the private network to the Windows Server. Thoughts on this working at all? Bad performance?


Hello @MarcP2,

Thanks for contacting us.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

I’m afraid our VPN service is currently discountinued however in the future we are planning to provide a newer updated product. In the meantime you may wish to configure OpenVPN on a public cloud instance connected to the vRack. There are no limitations on our network that will prevent you from doing this.

If you need anything else, please reply to @Ollie or drop me a DM.



Is there any more word on this? We want to decommission our firewall but the sticking point is site to site VPN access to the vrack.


What is the status of this, I’m looking for an IPsec site to site VPN with OVH. This really should be available as standard.


Hi i need “help” to set up VPN on dedicated server. I would like a ABC, step by step map on how to achieve this . I just dont know how.