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So Kimsufi available in 120 is a scam (this is not a question)


Kimsufi forums lead to OVH, okay.
When someone claim to deliver a dedicated server in 120 seconds, and 2 hours later it is still awaiting for a manual validation, I think this can be considered as a scam.

I read elsewhere people validating new server do not work 24/7. So you have to remove the 120 seconds claim when these poeple are not working. Just write instead “you have to wait until monday morning” when this is the week-end.

OVH did a very good job years ago, but since about 4 years it is awfull. I’m progressively migrating everything elsewhere. I wanted to try Kimsufi but okay, this company is 100 % flawed. My bad, I’m too naive.


The validation is part of the system to ensure that the dedicated server will be used for legit purpose.

dont get me wrong but this is required just for first time when you register or buying a dedicated server. from Kimsufi.

you are not being scammed at all. that 120 seconds is delivery time when validation is sucessfull .

I hope your issue would be sorted.