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Soyoustart (ovh servers) cpanel autoinstaller custom kernel issues


The latest 4/5 whm/cpanel updates have conflicts with the official centos kernel and teh custom ovh centos kernel when updating they end up with an error everytime already got cpanel support to investigate and they confirm it they advised me to find a sys admin (which i did) to swap/replace the custom ovh kernel for the official one but the sys admin advised me not to it might not even work properly so my issue is i cant have any downtime have 420gb hosting projects and an active community forum running moved recently form a kimsufi server to a better hardware on soyoustart but the software its alwasy the same (OVH branded) so if OVH also sells cpanel licenses and has the autoinstaller available for dedicated servers customers why dont they fix the kernel issue cpanel suport informed me if i cant fix this kernel issue that in future i might not even get the hability to get updates anymore and my whm/cpanel hosting will become obsolete and with serious security issues so this is a ovh issue as they force customers to use their custom kernels they should fix the compatibility issues with the software they also resell i wonder if they are going to fix it properly or not if not i will open a complaint with OVH CEO if needed as is seems the customers are not important anymore in the cheaper ovh plattforms i opened a ticket with soyoustart and i didnt get any reply neither im expecting to they will only reply if its a hardware failure they dont care about anything software related even if its their fault they just ignore you hope someone high in OVH see this post and would get something done properly