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SPAM/Phishing comming from OVH servers


From few months I’m receiving almost everyday a spam/phishing e-mail, that is sent from OVH servers, targeted to Polish users. E-mail template (subject/message) is always the same - “we have received a request to unsubscribe your e-mail”.
Only thing that is changing is sender IP address (always OVH ip addresses), and domain (subdomain) - but this is probably spoofed (sometimes is, sometimes, etc…).

I’ve submitted multiple examples of this phishing via abuse ovh website, but I always get an automated confirmation, that case is “resolved and closed”. And… day later I’m still receiving it.


OVH don’t do anything about this type of websites, this is fucking joke!!!
Few months ago I reported website few times, it is still hosted here!
They have leaked IDs, a lot of hacking tools etc… Imo this is fucking joke…
And they will don’t do anything about this…


Still no reply from OVH, more and more new phishing mails are sent from their servers…