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SRV settings for an Microsoft Exchange account: What am I doing wrong?


Hi everyone,

I have this Microsoft Exchange account with OVH and, in order to use email services on the French fellows’ network, I need to get a domain name validated.

This involves creating two records: MX and SRV at the domain name’s registrar (Godaddy).

The MX part is done; however, the SRV part fails.

Support with OVH costs per month the same amount I paid for a year for an email address, so that’s a lost cause.

Now, have a look at the attached photos and please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Have opened a support ticket about this but it prolly got lost amongst countless croissants, crêpes and street protests aimed at 8 days/week pay for 4 day/week work.


These guys will not do anything to solve this issue, I am going to outsource the services of a tech guy and tell these OVH fellas to keep to haute cuisine.

Thanks for nothing, you schmucks.


Hi @OvidiuB1

And were you able to solve your problem? everything seems to be fine in the image, it would be to rule out conflicts on the Godaddy side with the registers or check if the order is correct, ports, priority, etc.