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Still waiting on oders to be sent after week


I purchased 4 Ip’s an stll week later nothing send all documents required for validation an nothing still.Is there another place to purchase ip’s to use here. or how do I get you to release my of 5 orders sofar an not getting anything done wants me to refund on server i can’t use for week sofar…


Hi Bruce, I am also facing similar issue. Do let me know as well if you find any helpful guide.


Hey, You need to read some guidelines about it. Here you can see all the guide article of orders waiting.


you must follow guidelines about it. sometimes I also facing a similar issue. if anybody more info share it I will also visit or see details witch shares thanks


I am also the same issue, if you found any helpful guide please let me know.


Hey, can you tell me your order reached or not? Should i consider them or not? I am planning to buy Ip’s from here. Sincere recommendation required.


Hey Bruce! 1 Month back I read some guidelines about it Here, you can see all the guide article of orders waiting.


Hi @BruceH

The only way to solve it is by calling the OVH contact numbers, ignore all the previous answers (They are hidden Spam) very careful

Since skype they do not charge you fees, here I leave it below

OVH Customer Service
Toll free