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Template Installation Proxmox 6 ZFS is gone


I’ve noticed, that it’s not possible to install a dedicated server with a Proxmox 6 ZFS Template any more.

I’ve installed a Server with such a Template a couple of weeks ago. Is there someone else missing it too?


Only Proxmox 5 had a ZFS template in the past, but it is now deprecated I believe.

You could install Proxmox on ZFS manually using rescue mode (only for advanced user) if the standard Proxmox 6 is shown in the template list, if not… hum it is unclear to me if it works or not…


I was wrong. I installed a proxmox recently using an ovh template with ZFS support. But it was the normat Proxmox 6 template.

This template install proxmox into a small ext4 Partition. And after the istallation you can create a zpool using the proxmox frontend.