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Terraform - Unknown Identity


I am trying to use Terraform but I keep getting errors.
so now my config is:

data "ovh_me_identity_user" "user" {
  user = "aa123456-ovh" # The one I use to log in OVH

provider "ovh" {
  endpoint           = "ovh-eu"
  application_key    = "****"
  application_secret = "****"
  consumer_key       = "****"

When trying to output data.ovh_me_identity_user.user, I am getting

Error: Unable to find identity user aa123456-ovh:
│        "Error 404: \"Unknown user\""

I do not understand why the API would react like that.
Could you help me please?
I am using

Terraform v1.0.8
on linux_amd64
+ provider v0.15.0