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Terribly regret it that i used OVH.ZERO support , non realistic delivery times, no response at all


Just avoid this company. I feel so frustrated that my funds are still on hold in paypal , i got no server , as i ordered and they PUT ON HOLD my money , i got no response on my ticket , and overall , i think they are just ignoring me. Well I will move with my lawyer if i don’t have my box or my money back to but from another company , cause i’m gonna lose a job project that i need to built in that server.I feel so sorry for everyone that needs support from OVH. Just avoid that company at all costs.They don’t respect their customers at all. So bad.As far as i see , there are plenty of dissapointed customers. I feel so idiot that i didn’t checked the forum before i put my money on you. Terrible company, i will send u my lawyer and that’s the least i will do if i lose my job cause of your lies of delivery times.