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This order can't be paid with PAYPAL


I’m using the API to do a domain renewal.
I managed to make the order, but when I try to make the payment, it gives me “This order can’t be paid with PAYPAL”.
Does anyone know what can it be?
In my account I have the PAYPAL payment type configured. Can’t I use it in the API?

I’m using the method



Hello @PauloF,

I invite you to consult the following guide to renew your service directly from your customer area.

If the malfunction persists, do not hesitate to create a support request so that the service concerned can provide you with visibility on the situation.



Hi @FabL
Thanks for the answer.
This does not serve us.
We want to manage everything in our backoffice.
We register a domain and manage all customer interaction in our backoffice.
When the client accepts, we simply order the handling of that domain, and a service, which uses the API, takes care of the rest.
That way we avoid having to deal with things on several sites.

The point in this process is that we managed to do all the process of registering/renewing a domain until the creation of the order. But after the order was created, we were unable to make the payment. It doesn’t just happen with paypal. If it’s by credit card also gives a similar error.
{“message”:“This order can’t be paid with CREDIT_CARD”}

We were unable to make the payment by any means.
Can you help us? Missing some configuration?



There is no support on api, I can only invite you to consult the following guide and continue your investigations.