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Thoughts about storage systems with regard to functions


I’m really looking forward to have FaaS on the OVH cloud and even proposed it last year but I have one concern.
Since those functions are stateless, it’s required in most cases to interact with a database or, much more scalable, an object storage.
OVH already offers one but the latency is horrible (~200ms vs 30ms on Azure/AWS) and therefore a huge disadvantage. On the other hand, no competitor currently provides an object storage built on NVMe SSDs. So if OpenStack isn’t the problem I highly suggest to launch a low-latency option together with OVH Functions. It would still be attractive at multiple times of the current price.


Hello @Jannis,

Thanks for your feedback.

We currently work on function states: its will keep state as much as possible between two executions. Currently, only Golang and Nodejs are prodded, that is why we announce that functions are stateless.

Moreover, on the one hand, we will investigate about the latency issue you encounter, on the other hand we are starting to work on strong object storage integration.

Have a nice day.