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Ticket #4750327843 - 17 days and zero response


I bought several domains and my order numbers are #110977383, #110977031 and #110976708 for 13.41, 134.07 and 53.63 euros respectively. All the above orders are showing as “Being processed” for the past 17 days and the domains are not yet delivered.

I have been trying to contact support via tickets for several days now but no one is responding to my ticket #4750327843 for the past 17 days. No one is picking the customer support phones as well.

This is the worst support I ever came across. Someone please reply to the ticket ASAP.


22 days and still no response from anyone. Pathetic. :disappointed: :worried:


There you can call OVH Support by going to there website and getting the phone number someone will deal with ticket right away :slight_smile:


Same shit happens to me! I registered & made an order for more than 70 euro more than a week ago and it’s still haven’t completed. And even worse - seems my account was blocked because I can’t login and can’t even use “Password forgotten” option - no recovery emails came.

And no response from their customer support team. No response by phone as well (I called +353 1 293 7844)

Can someone tell me what’s going on here? Can I even trust this OVH thing? Is it a company or just an internet scam?


Same thing here !!! Poor client service. I think i have to find an other provider !!


0333 370 0425 give the OVH teams call