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Ticket 9903027685 opened 5 days ago and no response!


Hi, I opened a ticket 5 days ago and there has been no response whatsoever, also contacted email support about this and instead of reading the email they suggested logging a support ticket, which is what the email was about quite clearly in the first place.

This is not making me feel comfortable with OVH as a supplier if this is the level of support to be expected.

Ticket number again is 9903027685 I need this solved before upgrading the package on our first VPS with you now the statefull firewall has been installed and configured.

As far as calling on the phone I am very busy at the moment and don’t always have the opportunity to do this - especially with the call answering delays stated by some on this community.

Can you restore my faith in OVH or should I just cut my loses and move to another provider suffering the downtime and repeated days of work?



Had one open for a week now and still no replly.


Now at a full week and nothing, this is just unacceptable, I did get a second canned reply from email support saying log a ticket, which I had already explained in the response that is what it was about.
The technical side I deal with myself with my collegues, that wasn’t an issue as I’m okay with the product, this was a sales/billing issue to ensure payments were made automatically and on time to ensure continuity of service which I’d expect any company to jump on like a hungry animal on food (as normal). If this part I cannot be sure of to guarentee continuity I have no problem dropping OVH as not being fit for purpose.
During the day when phone support is alledgedly available I have no time to set aside for a provider who is being tried out for their services and not already a partner or even a general supplier, I need an alternate contact method for non-urgent enquiries that do not soak up my time.
On this OVH failed miserably so I’ll just be picking another provider for our services, a few days lost testing out the product (which was fine, happy with the product) is time lost but if no one cares enough to check a support ticket queue what can I rely on if something goes seriously wrong…


Finally got a response and issue sorted, but no excuse for the delay.
And it was just in time to pull that one back before just forgetting it.
Usual excuse of ‘high volume of support requests’ which as we all know is just nonesense, acknowledge tickets, prioritise them and deal.


Thanks Christian, but it’ll be OVH specific if I hit an issue, usually be billing or something, not techie :slight_smile: unfortuately I just don’t get the chance during phone support hours (same as mine) when I’m usually up to my neck in server issues for customers be it hardware, OS or app.
I’ll just have to hope they get better at acknowleding they know your alive…


I have never ever gotten a reply from them which was of ANY use WHATSOEVER. shame!