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Ticket support needed!



I’ve been creating a support ticket since 18 August, until now there is no one responding.
If you’re in there, kindly respond to these support ticket number: 8522311043

Anyway, the main problem is, i wasn’t able to log in to my Asia account, nor reset my password.
As far as i remember, i never change the password, but somehow i wasn’t able to logged in.
Been doing a dozen times resetting my password, but the email never came.

Tweeted the OVH account, but no respond also.
Just now calling the OVH by phone, but their offices is still closed.

If there was a problem with my email account, then how can i registering new account in this community using the same email account.

Awaiting your response.
Thank you!


Yesterday they supposed to be on the office, yet they didn’t reply my support ticket.
IDK, maybe they were too busy replying another ticket, or me being a user in OVH wasn’t worth receiving a support from the OVH team.

I will wait and reply everyday in this community.


Finally i was able to retrieve back my account after re confirming again with Verification Team.
Additionally i had to check within my relative just in case someone was using my access to do something bad to me.

This case was solved, please close it.
Thank you!