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Transfer a domain to OVH and DNS zone activation


I want to share here my experience transfering my domains to OVH.

I decided to transfer all services of my company to OVH: domains, some VPS, DNS… starting from domains and DNS.

I followed the website about “trasfering a domain to OVH”, I registered my new account during this step and I completed all the purchase selection to use the default OVH DNS and I confirmed the domain transfers to the registrant.

Then I entered in my admin panel, I did not found my new dns zones and I found that I had to activate new DNS zone manually and … I did not be able to activate them because my domain was in transfer state.
I tried to contact the assistance but they confirmed that now I cannot active it … then I’m sure that I will lost all my services (web, mail and so on) for a while because I will not be able to prepare dns records before the domain transfer. I literally prayed the help desk to do what they can to active the zone in time before the name server change but they say that I’m screwed!

Honestly, now I know that i should have registered an account without any service to enable a dns zone before the transfer but I did know that and I just followed the procedure to transfer a domain and I cannot understand why in that case the zone is not automatically created!
Moreover I cannot belive that now I have just to wait for the stopping of all my services and I cannot do nothing.