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Transfer .de domain from OVH to another OVH account (new owner) / Domain von OVH zu anderem OVH Account (neuer Besitzer) transferieren


Hi there,
how can I transfer a .de domain from my OVH account to another OVH account (of the new owner). Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about it. Does this work in the same way as when transferring to another provider?
Are there still costs for the transfer from OVH to OVH?
Do I have to expect that the domain will temporarily not be accessible after the transfer? The server to which this is forwarded remains the same, only the owner changes “on paper”.

wie kann ich eine .de Domain von meinem OVH-Account zu einem anderen OVH Account (des neuen Besitzers) transferieren. Leider konnte ich dazu nichts finden. Funktioniert dies genauso wie beim Transfer zu einem anderen Anbieter?
Fallen beim Transfer von OVH zu OVH trotzdem Kosten an?
Muss ich damit rechnen dass durch den Transfer die Domain vorübergehend nicht erreichbar ist? Der Server auf welche diese weiterleitet bleibt der selbe, nur der Besitzer ändert sich “auf dem Papier”.

Danke für die Hilfe im Voraus.
Mit freundlichem Gruß


Hi @ReneM

To carry out this possible process, the two accounts must be from the same country in OVH or the same continent so that you can then request the process and initiate a transfer or change of owner

The process is possibly the following below

  1. You are going to create a ticket in the two accounts, starting with the one that contains the domain and finally the new account that does not contain the domain

  2. The title of the ticket that you must open in the billing or accounts department, in the account that has the domain, must be written as follows

Old Account 1: Full domain transfer from this account
New Account 2: Full domain transfer to this account

  1. The content of the ticket of the old account that contains the domain must have the following information in the following order

Domain/Product: (example)

From: (Full name)
Mail: (Account email address)
ID: (NIC or Client ID / identificator)

To: (Full name)
Mail: (Account email address)
ID: (NIC or Client ID / identificator)

  1. The same information must be put on the ticket that you are simultaneously writing in the new account with its corresponding information in the order shown. Finally create the ticket in both the old and new accounts at the same time

  2. Finally, copy the ticket numbers of the old account and the new account, and issue a response to both tickets in the following order.

Ticket (from) ID
Ticket (to) ID

At most, a third and last answer in the two tickets

Please proceed

Everything must be done in the order indicated, this process works as well as for domain, for hosting, for VPS and dedicated servers. If you skip the order or more than the order of the information, the transfer may not take place or it may take longer than it should.

I hope I have helped or clarified

Carlos Frias (SysAdmin)


thank you for your fast answer. I think i found a way to transfer the domain.



I’d be surprised if transfer worked. It ALWAYS will cost a lot of money, so better buy a new domain with a provider that actually works.