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Transferring UK domains ( to OVH


I’ve placed orders for domain name transfers for 3 domain names to OVH. They don’t charge for UK transfers so the orders were for £0.00. Yet, the order status is showing as ‘Unpaid’.

I’ve changed the IPS-TAG on one of the domains to OVH-FR and then received an e-mail from OVH asking me to approve this. This was a few days ago and there is no reference to it in my control panel - as a domain or pending.

Has anyone transferred UK domains to OVH before and experienced similar issues ?

I’ve logged a ticket a few days ago but still waiting for a reply.

Any help appreciated.


How did you get on?


I phoned up OVH and it turns out that with UK domains you should NOT place a transfer order on the website - This was the cause of the problem. As the value was £0.00 payment shouldn’t/couldn’t be taken and was causing the orders to be ‘stuck’ in the system.

I was told that with these domains only the TAG should be changed to OVH-FR - after which an automated email is sent to the e-mail address contact on the domain name to accept a transfer to OVH. I’ve done this since on other domains and it has gone through smoothly.


OK Great thank you.

I dont have any domains with OVH right now, but want to move my .uk’s over after a recent price increase at current registrar.

I found more info here:


I thought I’d do a test run, I’ve got as far as submitting the nichandle and now I have the domain under the “domain” menu, but under the “ongoing operations” sub category, which it’s showing “contact verification”. I’m not presented with any options so I’m unsure what is happening at this stage.

Did this happen to you @DanielB7 ?


Yes, I saw that too. I think there is a period of a day or two when they try to confirm that the address details match the registrants name (and you haven’t just used a false address). That should disappear after a day or two from my experience.


Is your account new?