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Unable to connect to (Connection refused)


Hi everyone,

For several months, I got the following error :
“Connection could not be established with host “”: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to (Connection refused)”

This error appear only on my OVH server, when a make some tests on localhost, it work perfectly.

I have posted a question on the Microsoft forum and they told me that I have to contact OVH

Do you know how to solve my problem ?

Have a good day, thanks in advance


I have the same problem, this was OVH’s response:

From OVH Support
SMTP sending with email services external to OVHcloud are disabled.

The port open for SMTP sending with OVHcloud’s email services is 587.
Date received
03/05/2022 09:57

This seems odd…
I can’t imagine other customers not being able to send mails trough o365 that was previously purchased before subscribing to ovh services?

If the only reason is to promote OVHcloud’s email services, than this is anti-consumer.
I’ve noticed that mails sent through OVH services were always marked as spam, inspite the spf, dkim and 10/10 by mail-tester.