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Unable to login and support ticket confusion



I was trying to install a SSL Certificate and couldnt get it to work. I ended up disabling Smart Card on my windows server.

When I try and RDP it wont let me login due to this.

I have raised a support ticket and was sent an email saying they have a proposed solution, reply accept or decline.

There was no evidence on the ticket of what they was proposing todo so I just replied to the ticket saying what is the solution etc. And OVH hasnt replied yet.

I was just woundering if anyone else has had a similar issue or do i just need to wait it out?

My servers been down now for about 17hrs


Hi @PaulR3

As far as I understand OVH does not offer this type of support. Since they are unmanaged servers and that makes you the only one responsible for what you do on the machine

OVH support only covers hardware problems and nothing else

If you like I can perform the service, it would have a cost depending on the complexity of the situation

You tell me, anything


Carlos Frias


I was also try to install a SSL Certificate on my kinemaster mod v3 and couldnt get it to work. always my servers is down.


@ElinaM Maybe you need professional help, if you want I can quote you the realization of this service and correct the problem, you can search for us as “Sysdop” in Google and be in contact with us