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Unable to receive mail from certain addresses: OVH deletes my received email without any advice!!!


I am not receiving emails from certain addresses, so I have opened a ticket.

They said: "The e-mail has arrived on our systems but has been intercepted and discarded, it is not possible to receive it in any way. The e-mail is from the Aruba provider, we receive a huge amount of spam from them. I understand in yours if the email is authentic but I confirm that nothing can be done about it. This filter is active on all mail services offered by OVH ".

So they officially say: “we deliberately delete emails if they are sent by the Aruba provider, without telling me anything, without putting the emails in the junk folders… It’s incredible!”

The final comment in the ticket is: “If this type of filter is unacceptable to you, it unfortunately means that a mail service we offer is not suitable for your needs”.

It’s regular? Is there any documentation with the expected level of service for emails?