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Unable to setup a DNS zone


I’m having issues creating a DNS zone for one of my domains. It’s a domain that was transferred so was originally setup with the OVH free hosting service. I’ve since deleted the free hosting, and need to setup some DNS records on the domain. However, whenever I attempt to setup a DNS zone to be able to edit these records, I get errors. From the Web Cloud dashboard for the domain:

General Information tab -> Anycast DNS Option -> Create A DNS Zone:
“An error has occurred ordering a DNS zone: {}.”

DNS Zone tab -> Activating the DNS zone
"An error has occurred loading the page." - basically a 404 page

Actions -> Add Subdomain -> Add a record to the DNS zone
No response - form submits but doesn’t change

Additionally, and weirdly, when I attempt to renew the domain, I get the French OVH website, and there’s no way of changing it to English. ([domain])

I suspect something is screwed up in the configuration for the domain, but support have been wholly unhelpful so far. Has anyone else had this issue?